Why Homework Is Beneficial: A Few Interesting Points

Every day kids come home tired and exhausted and have to sit down with their homework. It may make you question the futility of the exercise and whether there is anything they actually learn at school. If they are learning at school then why are they given homework? Just to prove a point? Shouldn’t there be class tests and other forms of assessments to do that? Well studies have shown that homework is actually good for the students and here are a few reasons why.

Facts on the utility of homework

  1. The first and foremost importance is that it helps parents to spend time with their wards and actually gauge their progress. When a kid gets stuck with the work they run to their parents and in this way they interact and the parents also know the abilities of their children.
  2. Sometimes it is not possible for the parents to assist the child with the assignments. This when the child learns to work by themselves and think freely. They actually learn how to apply the thing they have been taught in school and if they are able to do it themselves they feel proud and it goes a long way in boosting self confidence. You should let your kid do his assignments all by himself, if he can.
  3. Projects and assignments make the child sharp and they learn how to implement the different things from different subjects. In reality all subjects are interconnected and when a child learns that they get a good idea on how to solve different types of problems.
  4. Sometimes the things they learn at school are not enough and they need to further revise it to understand the concept. The assignments provide the perfect opportunity for them to go through the lessons and understand the points properly.
  5. It also helps students to look outside their study books. They may have to take help from other sources to complete the work and this makes them independent.
  6. The best part is that it helps with the child’s leaning abilities. The brain develops in these years and while doing the assignments they sharpen their memory and thinking abilities.
  7. The child also learns time management. Once the student learns to do their work on time, the lessons stays with them for the rest of their lives.