What Should I Write In A Persuasive Essay About Banning Of Homework?

Many students think that homework should be banned and it’s easy to see why. While it is often held responsible for many teenage disasters faced by students around the world, they have nothing to worry about, we all pass through that phase in our lives and we are usually better off as a result. Now, parents wishing to ban homework is an entirely different matter, why would parents wish to do such an irresponsible thing?

Well, in many cases, parents have good reasons for taking a stance against academic assignments, though calling for an outright ban does seem a bit extreme. As a student yourself, you are certain to have many insights into the acts of banning homework and you should include them in your paper as well. Consider the following points, they may be worth including in your paper about banning homework:

  1. Resource allocation
  2. Resources define our capabilities and its importance is evident from the many wars that have been waged for possession of earth bound resources. In the same manner, students are forced to give up the most precious resource any one could ever have, their time. Many students argue that having to spend so much of their time on academics is unfair.

  3. Time spent vs needed leisure time
  4. Most students spend at least 8 hours a day at school, an entire third of one’s day. It is possible to argue that this is enough time to facilitate the teaching of any lessons without the need to extend these hours into a student’s off school periods.

  5. Laziness of teachers
  6. It can be argued that teachers abuse their ability to give students extra assignments to make up for their inadequate teaching practices. It is often stated that all of the tasks assigned to be completed out of classes, can be covered during regular school hours if teachers made better use of class periods.

  7. Irrelevance of subjects to the child’s future
  8. Many people enter the job arena, without ever using any of the knowledge gained during school attendance. It can be argued that most of the things thought in school are not necessary for employment, so out of school time can be better spent learning useful skills.

  9. The impact of assignments on final grades.
  10. Many schools include assignment scores in a student’s final grades. It can be argued that this is unfair, since some students may be able to acquire better assistance with their assignments that others.