Searching for Free Math Homework Answers

If you cannot cope with a tricky math problem sometimes, it’s better not to waste your time and look for help instantly. Lots of students seek homework answers and solutions every day. In most cases, an answer to your problem can also give you an explanation on how to solve it. From this list, you can choose from several sources where you can get free math homework answers:

  • Look in the answers appendix.

    At the end of every textbook, there is an appendix with at least half of the answers of common math problems. You can also search in some specialized guidebooks that contain answers, but some of them are not free.

  • Ask for help.

    If your family members are good at math, they can help you find a solution to your math question. If not, you can call or email a classmate and get some helpful advice on your homework.

  • Look for help at school as soon as possible.

    Meet with your teacher and ask him or her to explain the unclear points of your homework, or ask your classmates for help. If you constantly have problems with math homework, it would be better to request free tutoring or attend an after-school study if it’s offered at your school.

  • Search in website archives.

    You are probably not the first person who cannot solve some kind of math problem. Try to find the answer in different databases of educational websites. Sometimes, teachers change some details in the questions to prevent students from copying the answers from the Internet. In such a case, you can just look for a solution to a similar math problem and do your homework according to it.

  • Use a problem-solving program on a math website.

    Just enter your problem and click to get an answer. You will get an immediate answer, but this kind of homework helper cannot solve difficult and specific problems. You can use a search service to find such websites when you have problems with math subjects like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc.

  • Use online homework assistance services.

    There are lots of these kinds of services on the Internet, where free online tutoring help is provided to help you solve your problem. This method is good for students who need the answers but don’t need to know how to solve their tasks. Don’t forget that you risk getting wrong answers when using math websites. Not all homework helpers are legitimate and honest. Pay attention to the reliability and authority of these sites in order to avoid getting accused of cheating.