The Recommended Time Spent On Homework: Expert Opinion

Homework is becoming a burden. More and more experts agree that increasing amounts of homework are leading to students being mentally and physically fatigued. Scientific studies have shown that increasing amounts of work at primary education level is actually more harmful than helpful. The only period during which it has shown to be helpful is during the final three years of high school.

Some experts argue that 10 minutes of work after school should be added for every year of education. So a child in kindergarten should have 10 minutes of work after class every day. For every following year, 10 more minutes should be added.

On average, students in the United States spend less than one hour on working at home every day. However, this statistic does not show the amount of work that students on the extreme of the spectrum do, which can be hours on end each day.

In spite of all the evidence, most teachers and schools still insist on assigning after school projects. As a student, you have no choice but to do as your teacher says. However, there are always way to minimize the stress. Here is how to do it:

  • Be More Organized
  • All work is more difficult if it is done in a haphazard way. The more organized you are, the quicker you can finish your work. For this, start noting down assignments in a notebook or diary as soon as they are announced. This will keep you from forgetting when everything is due in. Make the more difficult assignments an urgent priority and complete the ones that are due in first. Make sure you have all you need to do your work before you actually sit down to do it. Getting things later will only waste time and energy that you could be using to finish your work.

  • Stop Procrastinating
  • The more you delay your work, the longer it will take to finish. The same is true of sitting in front of a book and staring at the walls. The project will just sit there and not be done. The quickest way to do your assignment is to start it and finish it. You also need to cut out all the distractions like the mobile phone, the TV and video games. All of those can wait till later.

  • Listen in class
  • The more you listen in class, the better you will understand the topic and the quicker you will be able to finish off your work at home for that topic. It is simple logic and it works.