Study Tips for Visual Learners: Useful Things to Remember

Whether you learn effectively or not depends a lot on what kind of person you are. A student who learns information by seeing is called a “visual learner”. A visual learner would prefer to read a manual or watch a video lesson on the Internet, rather than listen to their teacher explain the material.

If you are a visual learner, consider the following study tips to help you learn the material more effectively.

  • Take notes during a lecture.
  • A student who is a visual learner, as opposed to an auditory one, will not remember everything in lectures just by listening. Using a notebook, they should write down sentences, key phrases, terms, dates, events, unknown words and their definitions, and anything else that a professor emphasizes. It’s recommended to review or revise the notes immediately after a lecture or class, in order to reinforce the knowledge. Copy down any diagrams that the instructor draws on the board.

  • Watch videos.
  • When you come home after classes, take some time to search the Internet and find a video, if there is any, related to the topic of the lecture, especially if the material is difficult to remember. Using such an interactive method will help a visual learner study with pleasure and better understand the needed material.

  • Create graphic organizers.
  • If you want to comprehend the information being studied, don’t forget about diagrams, graphs, mind maps, flowcharts, and other visual organizers. As a student reads notes taken during lectures, or the material in the manual, they should compress the information into graphs, which are more understandable and easier for perception. These are also useful when the time comes for revision. A student doesn’t need to reread any long chapters; it’s enough to look at their diagrams and remember the needed information. You can also create flashcards out of colored stickers.

  • Highlight important things.
  • Buy a set of multi-colored highlighters or pens to assist you during the process of learning. Highlight main points and ideas, dates, and any other important things in a bright color, to memorize them once and forever.

  • Figure out a friendly environment for you.
  • The best environment for a visual learner to stay focused is a peaceful place without any distractions, like the library, or their own room at home. It can be difficult for such students to cooperate with other classmates; they often prefer to work alone. It follows that study groups are usually not for them.

All in all, everyone has to find out the study tips that work best for them in order to do well at school or university.