A Quick Overview Of The Benefits Of Homework In High School

Many graduates leave high school with fond memories of friendships and good times. Not many think about the homework they have done and what good that coursework has done for them. Whether you believe it or not, homework actually has benefits for high school students. Those benefits go well beyond building skills in math, science, and other classes.

Doing work outside of class helps builds independence. When students work at home, they are learning about being an independent worker. This is an important workplace skill that not everyone masters. You can bet that the students who complete the assignments at home will be more likely to get hired and maintain a job after graduation over those who do not do any work at home.

Completing coursework at home helps students learn about time management. Sure, there are plenty of things that high school students would rather be doing, but classwork is important. Students who are not only busy with assignments, but with other activities like after-school sports or a job are more likely to manage their time doing worthwhile things over students who do nothing after school.

Reading helps increase standardized test scores. Students who read at home for at least 20 minutes daily are more likely to score higher on test scores than their classmates who do not read that much. Studies show that reading 20 minutes each day exposes people to over 1 million words annually. Reading ability is the number one indicator of success on standardized tests (which test vocabulary and reading) and on success on the job, too. Even if you do not have assigned reading, it is a good idea to read a novel for a sustained amount of time each night to keep those scores up.

Working on assignments at home keeps students out of trouble. If you were to walk into a high school and look at the grades and behavior referrals, you will see that students with good grades rarely get in trouble. This applies both in and out of school. Parents who want to help their children build positive behaviors should be sure that their children are doing homework every night.

Finishing assignments at home prepares students for college. Anyone who has been to college knows that no one will ask you to complete your coursework. You have to do it on your own. It is helpful to build the automaticity at a young age.