The Purposes and Benefits of Homework: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Homework plays a crucial role in the life of a pupil. The benefits extend beyond academics. This calls for careful handling of the assignment by the parent, teacher and the pupil. Each has a role to play to ensure that the benefits of this exercise are realized. These benefits include:

  1. A Lesson on Priorities
  2. It teaches the pupil to continue focusing on academics beyond class. The entire evening or weekend will not be spent playing or engaging in activities that draw the mind of the student off academics. The pupil realizes the greater value of education and sets aside enough time to complete it. This decision making skill will be useful later in life.

  3. Evaluating Understanding of the Lessons Taught
  4. The teacher and the pupil can determine whether a certain concept was thoroughly covered and understood or not. A normal pupil who experiences difficulty handling an assignment gives an indication that the concept may have been covered insufficiently. The teacher uses the performance of the students in homework to determine whether they understood.

  5. Teaches on Unavoidable Things
  6. It is not optional to complete your assignment just as other things are in life. A pupil will be dedicated and responsible enough despite the displeasure of handling the work. This lesson is important in life in such areas as family life, career and personal development. The pupil understands that certain things must be done whether they are pleasant or not.

  7. Helps to Cultivate Independence
  8. A pupil is supposed to work on the assignments through personal initiative. This is the lesson learnt when the work is done away from the class and the teacher. The pupil looks for resource materials to complete the work instead of relying on the teacher. This lesson on independence is crucial for personal development and building a sense of personal initiative.

  9. A chance to involve parents in learning
  10. Parents should take time to assist their children to complete their work. It gives them an idea of areas where such a child may be experiencing difficulty so that the parent can assist. It is a chance for the parent to be fully involved in the academic journey of the child. The participation of the parent affirms the assertion that education is important.

All homework should be regarded with the seriousness it deserves by pupils, parents and teachers. The right environment should be provided as well as necessary resources. This will enable all parties to reap the incredible benefits offered by this exercise.