Fun Reading Homework Activities: 5 Great Suggestions

This type of homework is given to students to encourage them to become more comfortable with reading and this is a valuable skill to any academic. There is a large variety of possible topics and materials that could be employed in this activity and your choice depends on the needs of the student. Here are 5 suggestions for fun reading homework activities:

  1. Field trip
  2. It can be difficult to persuade a modern child to sit and read a book since they often find they have better thins to do, like play a video game or watch television. However, reading can be made more fun if done a group. It is easy to organize with parents to arrange for their children to spend some time at the local library on a weekend. This activity will encourage interesting discussion as students share their different views on the plot of any good book.

  3. Peer reviews
  4. This exercise allows a child to view the written work of another student and present their criticism while having their own work critiqued by another student. The teacher could give the class an assignment to create an original essay and these essays can be reviewed by anyone in the class, who will be required to present any correction on the paper.

  5. Favorite books of classmates
  6. A survey of the books already studied and enjoyed by classmates can provide interesting book titles for this activity, as well as the opportunity to discuss the story in detail with the entire class. Each student may choose one from the selected book or one can be selected for the entire class by the teacher.

  7. Word games with family or peers
  8. There are many board and electronic games based on word creation and manipulation and these can prove a valuable tool in teaching a student about words. Though not exactly reading, these games require a large vocabulary and can basically accomplish the same result.

  9. Script creation and acting
  10. Acting and role playing can be quite enjoyable and what better scene to enact than one from your favorite book. Task students with the job to formulate a script and cast required to enact a 5 minute scene from any book they have or will study for the purpose of the exercise. This can be an excellent demonstration of the different ways one can interpret literature and show how different stories can have different meanings for everyone.