What To Do If I Forgot To Do My Homework The Night Before: 5 Helpful Tricks

If you forgot to do your homework the night before you can still get it done. Follow the tricks below:

  1. The first trick is to get organized immediately. You want to make a list from the very beginning of all the things that you need to do in order to complete your assignment.

  2. You also want to have all of the materials you need with you. If you require a protractor or a calculator or a specific textbook make sure you have those things on hand. Once you have these items set everything out on your workspace whether it is a table or desk. You don't want to waste any time shuffling around looking for these things. Instead you want them all out there and available immediately.

  3. The third thing you want to do if you forgot to do your homework assignment is to review the instructions carefully. Whether you have 10 minutes before class or an hour before class or even one night before it is due you need to make sure you understand what it is you are supposed to do so you don't travel down the wrong path. The last thing you want is to work very hard at the last minute only to end up with a bad grade due to the fact that you failed to read the instructions carefully. Look for keywords in the instructions that dictate what it is you're supposed to do and how long your assignment is supposed to be. Also look over the grading rubric at this moment because in some cases like this where you are pressed for time you might not have time enough to do the entire project up to standards. But you might have time enough to get a passing grade by doing the bare minimum. And if you forgot to do your homework assignment the night before this might be your only available option.

  4. The next thing you should do is quickly make a list of exactly what it is you need to do by writing it down tangibly you committed to your memory and can start immediately.

  5. The fifth and final thing you should do is set a timer for however much time you have between now and the due date so that you are not distracted by constantly looking at a clock.