Social Studies Homework For 5th Graders: The Complete Walkthrough

Though 5th grade is considered to be among the junior classes but students need to have a clear understanding of their subjects and its resources right from the beginning. Social Studies is a subject that creates a strong base for the students in terms of the know-how of History and Geography. Once they understand what all resources they can refer, doing homework becomes very easy for them.

Check out following resources and complete your Social Studies homework with high ease-

  • Textbooks: First of all consider this most important source as most of the questions are asked from it. Go through your classroom sessions diligently and underline all the important points taught by your teacher. They will assist you in finding the answers.

  • Classroom notes: This is another highly important source to be referred.

  • Reference books: Have a glance over the reference books prescribed by your subject teacher. The subject taught in such books is written in a very descriptive manner.

  • Library books: If you can’t manage to buy the reference books, borrow them from the library and return after you have consulted. You have hundreds of options here.

  • Web articles: This is a wonderland for all those who are good in research work. If you face issues with surfing web, ask your elder siblings, parents or friends to walk you through. There are infinite journals, articles, books, worksheets, magazines, newspapers etc that can facilitate you with high quality and to the point information. In case you want to study the subject in further details, refer Wikipedia and encyclopedia Britannica.

  • Web videos: All those who do not want to read the subject but want to enjoy it in the form of films and videos, find it a great place to complete their homework. There are hundreds of film clippings on it. Furthermore, to keep your content informative, check out the online web tutorials.

Apart from the above mentioned resources, you need to consider a few more points. Always sit in an isolated area where you see no passerby, even your parents and siblings. The more distractions you have, slower your speed of completing homework will be. Stay away from other interruptions like television, cell phone, radio, computers etc. Allot a fixed time for using computers for your search. If you start watching videos, you will not be aware of the time so, be careful. Gather all the materials and then sit. Have glass of bottle and some snacks in case you have a habit of munching in between. Take small breaks if your homework demands more than required time.