10 Great English Spelling Homework Ideas To Consider

One of the biggest concerns for students in context to language is their inadequate grasp of the phonetics, diction and spellings of different words. This is more so with English as it is an extremely facile language where words with similar spellings may sound differently (e.g. singer and ginger) and there are many words with silent letters.

There are systems in place to correct this problem. These are referred to as spelling homework. Here are 10 of the most effective ones –

  1. Repetition – You can usher kids to repeat hard words (what they think are hard) over and over in writing so that they collect the spelling of the word and those like it. This is an extremely helpful homework.

  2. Calling letters – Ask them to spell out words loud and clear over and over so that they absorb the spelling of the word. Ask them to do 10 words every day.

  3. Randomization – Ask kids to mix hard words with easy ones and write or state them. Writing is of course a better bet.

  4. Coloring – Ask kids to round out animals with hard names such as hippopotamus and rhinoceros and color them differently so that the spellings naturally appeal to them.

  5. Play game – Ask them to remember 3 spellings and then take a cookie; followed by 3 more words. Ask them to put a stop at 12 words.

  6. Silent words – Ask kids to find out 10 words with silent letters (e.g. calmness) and remember them.

  7. Grammatical connection – This homework would require them to learn 4 nouns, adjectives and verbs. All the words should be 8 letters or more.

  8. The letter game – You may ask them to pick any 3 letters; say, R N and P and learn 4 words each that begin with them.

  9. Checking out passages – Create passages with numerous spelling mistakes. Ask them to circle the mistakes. This is a very indulgent homework.

  10. Anagrams – You can give them 5-6 letter words in anagrams; asking them to rack their brains and find the correct answer (e.g. TUOLS for LOTUS). Most students find this homework extremely pleasurable.

A passionate task

Of course, these homework are meant for kids in Grade 2 or 3. You can raise the bar for middle school students. You can keep the state as same; only increase the number of words to be learnt. The task is so passionate and indulgent that you will love creating these tasks for kids of all ages.