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How to avoid homework procrastination

Many students are familiar with the situation. They are given a homework assignment part of which includes the date by which it has to be finished. They decide to watch television instead. They decide to go and visit a friend instead. They procrastinate. They do not start their homework until close to the deadline. There are ways to avoid homework procrastination.

  • Change the environment in which you have to work.
  • Divide your homework into very small sections.
  • Decide on a routine and a start time and stick to it.
  • Set up a reward program for yourself.

You will never get rid of procrastination if the place in which you do your homework is a mess. You want to make the venue for your homework activities to be as friendly and is inviting as possible. It needs to become a place where you are happy to do your homework. If that means changing the furniture or the lighting or removing things which are a distraction, then do just that.

Don't look at your homework as one large task. Divide your homework into a series of small tasks. Instead of having to climb a mountain in order to complete your homework, the equivalent would be to simply go for a walk around the block. Because you only have a small task to tackle, it is easy to get started and to get finished.

You need to work out a routine for doing your homework. Will it always be at the same time and in the same place? Whatever it's going to be, choose the routine that best suits you and stick to it. Regard doing homework as being of major importance. You will do your homework before you will do many other things. Given the importance, find a venue and routine and stick to it religiously.

Give yourself a reward once you complete part or all of your homework. The reward could be the chance to watch your favourite television program or eat something healthy which you really enjoy. It's like the carrot in front of the horse or donkey. As soon as you achieve your goal, which is to finish your homework, you receive the reward.

These may seem small steps but together they will force you to get cracking.

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